Neste begins deliveries of low-sulfur marine fuel to Polferries
Tuesday, Jan 10, 2017
Neste and Polferries, a Polish company with a fleet of ferries operating on the Baltic Sea, have agreed on the delivery of low-sulfur marine fuel for the Nynäshamn-Gdansk route in 2017.

"Polferries is an important new customer for us. This cooperation is enabled by the fact that our product's distribution services are expanding to Sweden. It's great that a Polish company in the ferry business has taken our premium quality, low-sulfur product into use," says Panu Kopra, Executive Vice President of Neste Oil Retail.

Neste's low-sulfur marine fuels provide a good solution for reducing sulfur emissions and meeting increasingly strict regulations, in addition to which their use requires little or no investment or changes to existing vessels.

"Environmental friendliness and compliance with international regulations are of utmost importance to us. We chose Neste because of the high-quality and low-sulfur products it offers, and we appreciate the company's investment in the safety of the product and its distribution, as well as in the management of the entire value chain," says the CEO of Polferries, Piotr Redmerski.

Current EU and national regulations demand lower sulfur emissions from ships operating on the Baltic Sea and North Sea and in the English Channel. Neste's product range currently includes two low-sulfur marine fuels (Neste MDO DMB and Neste RMB) with sulfur concentrations of less than 0.1 percent.

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