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LHR Marine Offer New Lightweight Anti-Tangle Tag Line
Monday, Nov 28, 2011

After conducting research and gauging customer feedback, LHR Marine have released their own anti-tangle tag line.  Using a regular rope of poly, nylon or sisal has some inherent problems when used as tag line:

1. They tend to wrap around objects

2. They get caught in pinch points

3. The bottoms fray and are then knotted to stop the fraying causing the line to catch

4. They get slick when worn, wet or dirty with grease

The LHR Marine Anti-Tangle Tag Line solves these problems, as it is specifically designed for the application.  The LHR Marine Anti-Tangle Tag Line is tangle resistant as the centre rope is wrapped with an outer layer of smaller diameter rope. This resists the tag line turning on itself and wrapping around objects or people. The LHR Marine Anti-Tangle Tag Line is also designed not to catch on pinch points, as there are no knots or raised surfaces.

The LHR Marine Anti-Tangle Tag Line is manufactured from Dynex® SK75 synthetic rope giving them exceptional strength and they are also lightweight for operator handling.   Each tagline has a soft over braided cover to help prevent abrasion.  This similar technology is used in tow lines and gives the product its Anti Tangle properties.  There are four current lengths 15ft, 25 ft, 35 ft and 45 ft each coming with a relevant colour coded eye for length identification.   In addition to this there is a triple action karabiner with captive pin.

As well as distributing Lifting & Handling EquipmentLHR Marine’s reputation for selling Mooring Equipment is well known internationally and they also represent top quality manufacturers of: Working at Height Equipment, Marine Safety Products, Anti-Slip Solutions, Workwear, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and Industrial SuppliesLHR Marine’s recent successes include global agreements with major subsea shipping companies and international mooring companies which have been established from their service provision for over the last ten years from Aberdeen, Scotland and Perth, Australia.

Source: LHR Marine

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