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LHR Marine Distribute Popular Emergency Towing System (ETS)
Tuesday, Dec 06, 2011

LHR Marine have recently been servicing the market with the popular Dynex® Emergency Towing System. According to SOLAS RESOLUTION MSC.256(84) Emergency towing arrangements shall be fitted at both ends on board every tankerof not less than 20,000 tonnes deadweight.  Therefore the Dynex® Emergency Towing System is an essential piece of kit.

The Dynex® Emergency Towing System is light and easy to handle and is the complete Emergency Towing system for vessels 20-50.000 DWT and over 50.000 DWT.  These kits are in full compliance with resolution MSC.35(63) of the 1994 SOLAS convention and the amendments in MSC.256(84).  The system consists of light buoy attached to highly visible yellow messenger line.  The messenger line is connected to the main towing line. The main towing line has large eyes in each end with thick and durable eye protection sleeve.

All ropes are Dynex 75 made from Dyneema® and each part of the system is floating.  The Dynex® Emergency Towing System is stored in a heavy duty polyethylene container with strong top cover which is easily and securely closed with rubber straps.  The container is prepared for easy bolting on deck.  The systems ropes are tested and certified by DNV and approved according to SOLAS regulations.

As well as distributing Lifting & Handling EquipmentLHR Marine’s reputation for selling Mooring Equipment is well known internationally and they also represent top quality manufacturers of: Working at Height Equipment, Marine Safety Products, Anti-Slip Solutions, Workwear, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and Industrial SuppliesLHR Marine’s recent successes include global agreements with major subsea shipping companies and international mooring companies which have been established from their service provision for over the last ten years from Aberdeen, Scotland and Perth, Australia.

Source: LHR Marine

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